Dental Implants

Lack of teeth leads to impaired chewing ability and deterioration of aesthetics. The blank should be replaced with the most suitable alternative.

Implantology is one of the fields of dentistry that deals with the replacement of missing teeth in the most natural way possible. The placement of dental implants serves to replace:

  • a single tooth
  • some teeth
  • all teeth to support the prostheses

In our clinic, the placement of dental implants follows a special medical protocol. After the oral and radiological examination (3-D scanner), the treatment plan and the patient’s approval, the specialist doctor requests some specific tests such as:

  • Complete blood test
  • Coagulation time
  • Bleeding time
  • Vitamin D3 level

The main advantages of the implants

  • Protect and maintain healthy teeth adjacent to missing ones
  • Prevention of deformity and bone loss of the jaw due to a missing tooth
  • Better hygiene than bridges thanks to the elimination of spaces in the dental arch

Depending on the case, recent blood pressure monitoring, blood glucose levels, or other additional tests are needed.In our clinic, this type of surgery is performed by an Oro-Maxillofacial surgeon, absolutely under the effect of local anesthesia.Thanks to modern equipment, instruments and technologies, excellent results have been achieved. At the end of the therapy the patient is provided with an implant certificate containing the data and characteristics of the inserted implant.