Oral Surgery

Surgery is one of the most important branches in the dental field. The most common surgery in a dental office is undoubtedly the removal of the teeth (extraction).

Our clinic offers all these services to its patients by the Oro-Maxillo-Facial specialist surgeon. Each surgical treatment is preceded by the opening of the dental medical chart, by the oral and radiological examination, the personalized treatment plan is created, which is explained in detail to the patient and by the description of the preventive or prophylactic treatment depending on the case. All surgical procedures are performed under the effect of local anesthesia. The Glob Dentare Clinic is equipped with all the modern instruments necessary for any surgical and implant interventions, which are performed absolutely in conditions of maximum sterility.

This field includes the following surgical treatments

  • Surgical removal of the roots
  • Surgical removal of wisdom teeth
  • Apical resection (surgical removal of the apex of the roots)
  • Cyst surgery
  • Surgical treatment of abscesses
  • Excitions
  • Hemisection (partial removal of a tooth)
  • Secuestroektomie
  • Pre-prosthetic interventions
  • Treatment of trauma
  • Removal of tumors
  • Treatments or surgery for orthodontics
  • Sinus lift
  • Dental implants
  • Periodontal surgery

Our clinic offers a specialized service for all patients who need oral surgery procedures.